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Our doggy crew got bigger. Meet Mykolas Mickus, CMO

ZENOO helps dogs live longer and healthier lives with a freeze-dried raw food subscription. Today they have announced their doggy crew hired a new member - Mykolas Mickus, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Mykolas has accumulated extensive years of professional experience working with fast-growing startups such as Kilo health, Commerce Core, Open agency in sales and marketing. He's making a significant impact by actively sharing his expertise across Lithuania's startup ecosystem.

"Right when we met Mykolas, all of us knew we were a match. The core team of ZENOO are real hustlers and innovators. We strive to learn, go beyond the limits, and most importantly, value our team. We aim to create the best possible quality products for dogs and their owners by bringing innovation to the pet tech field. Believe me, food is only a beginning. And I know that Mykolas will have a major impact for ZENOO because he is someone who thinks big and works hard." - Agota Jakutyte, Co-founder & CEO of ZENOO

Agota says that the new CMO will spearhead to expand ZENOO's marketing and customer engagement capabilities, with ownership of the company's marketing strategy paired with strong go-to-market execution.

"My primary motivation to join ZENOO is their innovative and high-quality product. I view ZENOO in the dog food industry as revolutionary as the AirPods of the earphones industry. ZENOO products, inaudibly, have a vast market fit, yet the brand requires discovering a marketing angle to scale. That's what excites me about my job and motivates me to hustle." - said Mykolas Mickus, ZENOO CMO

One of Mykolas' main specialties is opening doors to new markets and channels worldwide for startups. Marketing experience in managing marketing budgets of 20 million EUR/year and more, consisting of: social ads, search ads, CRO, affiliates, influencers, creatives and social media. Overall, Mykolas has experience in global marketing management including USA, UK, CA, AU, DE and FR."

A new stage of ZENOO growth

On top of great news about an amazing new team member, ZENOO is also extending their current financing round to boost the startup in Q1/Q2 of 2022 before closing a larger funding round. Previously, ZENOO had successfully raised a 300,000 EUR pre-seed round in June 2021. Additional funds will fuel the company's customer acquisition and meet growing manufacturing needs.